We are a group of visionaries and technology enthusiasts with a clear vision, becoming an industry leader with the aim of bringing efficiency, transparency and high-performance results to corporations.

Our divergency

Prescriptive Analytics (ML/AI)

Thanks to robust analytical capabilities, ML-algorithms can create the perfect recipe for your ad, displaying it at the right time to the right people.

Full-Stack Technologies

We offer a wide range of solutions to help you in every stage of your user acquisition and engagement process taking advancement of our technologies.

Retargeting Solutions

Dynamically re-engage with your users by delivering custom and interactive ads to drive deeper retention and engagement results.

Global Reach

Specific people in specific places, our system handles over 4.5 billion highly-targeted ad impressions every month.

Ad Fraud Clues

We use big data and machine learning algorithms to block suspicious traffic, ensuring that our clients only pay us for real users.

Risk-free Activity

Stop paying for "potential" leads, we offer you performance-based hybrid models, and you pay us only if a loyal customer converted through us.

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