ADX PRO is a global data-driven marketing agency, serving public and privately-held companies, besides aiding the largest media groups to amplify their growth, brand-awareness & overall value, combining a full range of marketing, analytic, and creativity disciplines.

Our clients choose us because
we provide them a simplified & cutting-edge way to reach, convert, and retain their customers in the Internet Revolution!

1 M
1 B

Constant Development

We invest the time and money we make with the use of advanced automation tools, in order to support future innovation and create more time for cutting-edge strategies and ideas that maximize new channel’s growth for our clients.

One Company, Multiple Off-Center's.

Our Media, Strategy, Analytics & Development Team work closely together on all our client’s portfolio, applying full transparency, strategical thinking and problem solving skills at work in order to succeed.

Improving predictions & outcomes

Our operational process is designed around the identification, understanding and creation of predictive data signals.

This allows us to connect outcomes and actions in order to create strategic advantages for our clients.

Take Frauds Seriously

Fraud is just as much a part of the mobile industry
as cybersecurity is of the internet,
and it is constantly becoming more sophisticated.
In the mobile advertising ecosystem, fake app installs
are being paid by advertisers everyday.

We use big data and machine learning
algorithms to block suspicious traffic,
ensuring that our clients only pay us for real users.







Attribution Time

Custom periods of time in which a click converts to an install.


When a source completes certain things within an app.

Click Spamming

When a traffic source generates fake clicks programmatically when an ad is rendered.

Server Farms

Cloud solution providers and server farms allow users to drive fake clicks and installs.

Brand Safety

When our system flags forbidden keywords the link instantly renders inactive.

Click Injection

We analyses time-to-install to detect Click Injection when the time between it is impossibly short.

Conversion Rates

Clicks-to-Installs, Installs-to-Opens and Installs-to-Events


Click usages tracking identifying the ones driving large volumes.


Blocking users when there are geography, platforms & OS Target mismatches.

Proxies & VPNs

When a user bypasses filtering and targeting systems through Proxies and VPN tools.

Click Referrers

We monitor the HTTP addresses of all our clicks identifying any forbidden keywords.

Bot Driven Installs

We monitor post-install events by each source, comparing their results across many other similar campaigns.